Our Process

The path may seem long and daunting, but our clients do not have to navigate it alone. Take to the open road and begin your financial journey with Rawls Street Financial Advising today.

Schedule an Exploratory Call

We begin with a friendly chat to get to know each other. This conversation helps you get a sense for who we are and how we operate. It also helps us understand where you are today, how you got there, and where you want to be in the future.

Discovery Meeting

In this meeting, we take an in-depth look into your financial situation and use this information to help guide you where you want to go. Prior to this meeting, we will request that you gather and send us your financial statements. The idea is to get a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation so that we can tailor a solution that fits your specific goals and circumstances. Gather whatever information will tell us about your financial standing. The more you disclose, the more accurately we can tailor a plan for you.

Creation of Your Customized Financial Roadmap

After we have finished gathering all of the pieces of information, we get to work on analyzing what we have learned about you, your goals, and your situation. We then begin crafting a recommendation customized to you. 

The Reveal

We meet again to review your customized financial and investment plan and to answer all of your questions. We will offer actionable steps to point you in the right direction for your journey.


If you choose to sign on with us, we then work together to complete the onboarding paperwork, transfer of funds, as well as introduce you to our client portal. Next, we help you put your customized plan into action. We help you set up the specific investments that align with your financial goals and we work with you to manage these investments, monitor progress, and make necessary updates to your plan over time. 

Ongoing Navigation

We will then meet at least once a year with you to review your plan and discuss your progress. Your life is not static, nor is your financial plan. It should grow with you as you move through different stages of life. 

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