Why Us

Fiduciary Financial Advisor 

Our clients’ best interests come before our own. In fact, as fiduciaries, we are legally bound to always act in our clients’ favor and we have an ethical responsibility to make the best investment recommendations possible for them. Our clients can rest better at night, knowing we are totally committed to their financial well-being and are not swayed by outside incentives that would jeopardize their financial goals. 

The Independent Advantage

As an independent financial advisory, we offer a distinctive advantage that other firms cannot. Being independent means we are not bound by corporate shareholders, proprietary products, and sales quotas. Our portfolios are truly driven by our client’s needs and circumstances. How is this possible? We are not tied to a particular family of products or investment funds, thus our recommendations are transparent, flexible, and tailored for our clients. While we are not bound to use these resources, we are intimately familiar with them, so we can confidently provide top-level recommendations for our clients’ complex financial needs. 

Strategic Partnerships

Through strategic partnerships, a network of vetted investment firms, strategists, annuity companies, and insurance companies, we have the flexibility to create a tailored plan for you

Personalized Service

We are committed to creating long-term relationships with our clients that are built on honesty, transparency, and empathy. 

Straight Talk

We give straightforward advice to support our clients in fulfilling their goals, but not always their habits. Let us be a reasonable and objective guide, cutting through the noise, the fear mongering, and the jargon to bring both confidence and clarity to your financial plan.

Start with You in Mind

No client is the same and no financial plan should be, either. Our process starts by listening to your background, family, circumstances, goals, and concerns to understand where you are and where you want to go. A road map has to start with both the beginning and the destination in mind.

Ongoing Guidance

Our advice grows with our clients through every season of life. We accomplish this through regular communication about the market environment, educational tidbits, and keeping in touch with our clients. We are always available to talk through questions, meeting at least annually with all of our clients.

No-Cost Conversations 

We do not charge you to talk with us. We want people to be fully informed on our financial plan and investment management process and pricing so they can feel comfortable making the decision to work with us.

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